Welcome to Lyle's Provisions

Our aim with these meal kits is to bring the philosophy and values that we have at Lyle’s to your home. We source from farmers and producers who follow ethical and sustainable practices. We buy what is best in any given season. We don’t waste any byproducts, we find ways to incorporate them back into the food. We value a simple and clean aesthetic, but the time, work and technique that goes into these ingredients is anything but simple.

We have focused on ingredients that are more difficult to get hold of, thus saving you the effort. We then work hard to maximise and focus the flavours of those ingredients and we hope the honesty of the process shines through on the plate.

We have also selected a few bottles that work especially well with the meal kits. Wines made by makers who have a low intervention philosophy, who see wine making as an agricultural act, and who care as much for the land and soil as they do for that year’s vintage.

Please note, Lyle's Provisions is now on pause as we focus on reopening Lyle's.

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